Thermo Flap Quality Insulated Pet Doors

All Materials for this Product are Purchased and 100% Made In The USA by American Craftsmen

Pet Door For Walls


Installing the Thermo Flap  Dog Door Or Cat Door in your wall is not as big a project as one would think. The total job install takes about 2 hrs. with NO MESS and is the most requested installation type.  These dog and cat pet doors can be installed through brick, stone, siding and stucco.

There are many benefits to installing a pet door in a wall.

1. The wall can be patched back, no need to ruin a door.

2. The pet door can have a flap on each side of the wall creating dead air space between the flaps protecting the home from the elements outside.

3. Most home owners have pets and the pet door for wall is a great option on a home.

  • Made in the USA by American Craftsmen.
  • We provide multiple sizes and even customized wall pet doors to accommodate any size dog or cat.
  • We offer dog doors and cat doors that are made with high-quality weather-resistant materials.
  • The magnetic seal provides energy efficiency to maintain the temperature in your home.
  • Easy installation by most skilled craftsmen or homeowners.
  • If you already have a Thermo Flap Pet Door that needs new parts, we have replacement parts such as flaps, locking covers, etc., for your dog door or cat door.

Prices and Sizes Chart

Custom Sizes

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